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Production-storage of hydrogen by solar panels



As a result of a several years research, a pilot model of hydrogen producing and storing device has been developed by the Accusealed Ltd. The device generates hydrogen by decomposing water and stores the hydrogen in a special material. Both decomposition and storage are done in the same vessel. The stored hydrogen can be disengaged anytime. The whole system operates at room temperature without using pressure. The storage is completely fire- and explosion proof therefore it can be used in transport too. The invention won the Genius prize in 2004.

The density of energy of the system is 140-190 Wh/kg, calculating with hydrogen gas, which also includes the weights of the producing and storing parts. The price of the device is comparable to the cost of a lead-acid battery with similar capacity.

The HydrogenBattery can be used: 
  • as source of hydrogen of fuel cells
  • as standby energy of solar and wind power stations
  • as source of energy for hydrogen and hybrid cars
  • at home power stations 
  • in laboratories 
  • in welding technologies
This hydrogen battery stores 1 m3 of hydrogen:

Hydrogen battery


An experimental and demonstration hybrid hydrogen car has been built in this year. This hybrid hydrogen car can use hydrogen (hydrogen battery) or electricity (litium battery) or gasoline as source of energy. The electricity can be produced also from renewable sources like solar or wind energy. The car was developed with the financial support of NKTH and in cooperation with MTA-MFA, a BME and VHJ Ltd. The car participated in the Széchenyi Race where it won the first prize in its category, and also the innovation prize.


The car is owned exclusively by Accusealed Ltd.  

hydrogen battery


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